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Machinery & Vehicles Collection

Our rich social and commercial history is particularly well represented in a unique collection of machinery and vehicles used by the company for 100 years.

Traction engines, steam rollers, lorries and motor cars - all these old workhorses have enjoyed long-term storage at diverse sites across Kent. Yet, despite their popularity and our desire to give the public access to parts of the collection, few of the large vintage vehicles have seen the light of day. Not only do they present challenges (such as getting them from A to B), the size of these vehicles makes them extremely difficult to display.

The fate of the collection, however, took a positive step forward in 2003 when the Dover Museum heard about what it contained - and gave it serious interest. The Dover Transport Museum now has a number of Brett vehicles on show including a Greenham lorry (Pierce Arrow) and a fine Humber motor car and still in beautiful shape after 70 years.

As cataloguing efforts continue, Brett's loan arrangement with the Dover Transport Museum looks set to be extended to include still more old machine treasures. All of this will go a long way to fulfilling the company's wish to share more widely these significant and well-loved examples of an exceptional local industrial heritage.

If you have an enquiry about our historical vehicles, please contact us at