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New Low Carbon Concrete Range For Capital Concrete

With sustainability now being a primary consideration on any major construction project from specification through to end use it is essential that building materials suppliers anticipate and respond to evolving demands. Technical expertise and collaboration with customers is key to being able to provide considered solutions at every step of the project, something that is core to Capital Concrete’s approach.

Capital Concrete has developed a range of low carbon concrete mixes called CarbonCAP which can reduce the overall embodied carbon in a project by between 30 and 60%. 

The mix range comprises three options:

- CarbonCAP (30% reduction in embodied carbon) - CarbonCAP ultra (50% reduction in embodied carbon)
- CarbonCAP prime (60% reduction in embodied carbon) 

Each containing different quantities of a supplementary material which takes the place of Portland Cement.

The products can be used in all commercial and major infrastructure applications where traditional concrete would ordinarily be used such as slabs, walls, columns, footings and traditional slip form paving including machine paving, deck units and tunnel segments.


Luke Smith, Capital Concrete’s Managing Director said: “We have seen an increased demand for low carbon concretes, particularly in London and we are pleased to be able to offer this sustainable solution to our customers. It’s clear that the overall sustainability of a project is at the top of the list on projects and is becoming a key criteria for all suppliers.”  

Jack Sindhu, Technical Manager for Capital Concrete commented: “The beauty about these mixes is that there isn’t any compromise on performance and at Capital Concrete we work hard alongside our customer to understand their requirements and to develop leading edge, sustainable solutions.”

The CarbonCAP range has already been used successfully in numerous projects such as a Deep Raft Pour at Modebest Wood Wharf and HS2’s central section.

Please click here to find out more about the CarbonCAP range or Earth friendly Concrete or call our team on 020 3974 0520 to discuss using low carbon concretes in your project.