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Brett 110 - Helping To Make It A Happier Christmas

A team from Purchase and Sales Ledger in Faversham - went to Bluewater and together they bought presents for 50 children which they donated to the Heart Giving Tree appeal.

Heart Radio Station helped nearly 15,000 children have a happier Christmas last year by running the appeal and they hope to do even better this year. Many charities that care for or help young people and families across Kent & Sussex benefit each year from Heart’s Giving Tree.

The team of volunteers were: Caroline Laird, Ingrid Bertulyte, Lynette Blackman, Joanna Szatkowska, Marie Wyles, Sadie Burgess, Victoria Bushell and finance Manager,  Ben Stringer.

Brett 110 - Helping To Make It A Happier Christmas - 1.jpg