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How Do You Support A 200 Tonne Crane On A Salt Marsh?

Jackson Civil Engineering needed to support cranes in excess of 200 tonnes

Jackson Civil Engineering needed to support cranes in excess of 200 tonnes whilst they rebuilt the 90 year old Harbour Wall at Rye.  

Brett Aggregates worked with Jackson to devise a road that had a strong core by encasing 20,000 tonnes of type 1 primary aggregate in plastic mesh.  The new temporary road ran alongside the existing harbour wall to allow easy access to the old iron piles that needed replacing.

The primary aggregate that was used in both the haul road and the crane platforms was transported by ship from Raynes Quarry in Colwyn Bay, Wales.

One of the challenges was scheduling deliveries for the project as the ships could only come in at high tide with a tight window for unloading.  Darryl Spain and Keith Osborne of Brett Aggregates worked closely with Jackson and the shipping company to ensure effective deliveries were made.

The harbour wall sits within the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, home to many nesting birds which were unaffected by the works and the reserve remained open to the public during the project.  

Jackson was very pleased with the solution provided by Brett and commented "Brett Aggregates has managed to balance the needs of the project with the needs of the nature reserve".