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Brett Group - COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Site/Department: Robert Brett & Sons Ltd           

Risk Assessment No: COVID19 0520

Assessment Name: COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Created Date: May 2020     Last Review Date:  Aug 2021    Next Review Date: Nov 2021

Who is at Risk? Employees, visitors and contractors

Task/Activity Description: Operating the business while reducing the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus    

Reference Documents: HM Government Guidance Documents - Working safely during COVID-19. Updated 13/08/21

Task /Activity

Main Type of control measure

Control measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19

Employees attending work

Social Distancing

The company will evaluate the best place for employees to work and if a Brett location ensure suitable control measures are in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Anyone attending a Brett site is encouraged to follow the Governments guidelines on travel.

Employees requiring to attend work site who have been in close contact of a positive Covid 19 person or notified by NHS Test & TraceAs per the personal Risk AssessmentThis applies to those individuals who have been vaccinated with an MHRA Covid 19 vaccine in the UK, and at least 14 days have passed since the recommended doses of that vaccine were given. The company will undertake a personal risk assessment for those employees who have been in close contact with a positive Covid 19 case or have been notified by NHS Test & Trace. The personal risk assessment will take into account current Government guidance  with regard to ongoing testing (PCR and lateral flow), social distancing, face coverings and good hygiene practices, to ensure that the place for employees to work is suitable and adequate control measures are in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Anyone attending a Brett site is encouraged to follow the Governments guidelines on travel.

More than one person attending a site at a time

Social Distancing

Every reasonable effort will be made to comply with maintaining 2m social distancing,, as described below and in site specific risk assessments.

Good Hygiene

To reduce the risk of surface spread of COVID-19 hand cleaning stations and equipment cleaning materials will be available at appropriate places and cleaning frequencies as described below and in the site specific risk assessments.

Occasions when social distancing cannot be followed due to the task being performed

Hierarchy of control

Consider if the activity needs to take place. If it does, carry out a specific risk assessment of the task insuring the activity time involved is as short as possible; use of fixed teams wherever suitable, use of any risk mitigating controls.

People arriving & leaving work

Social Distancing

Reduce the number of people using the entry point at one time by implementing staggered arrival/departure times.

Good Hygiene

Provide hand cleaning / sanitising facilities at entry and exit points.

People moving around sites

Social Distancing

Discourage non-essential trips, introduce one-way flow through buildings where feasible and passing etiquettes where required. Improved visibility in corridors and rooms via glass panels in doors and mirrors where appropriate.

Workstations and workplaces

Social Distancing

Reduce number of people sharing workstations to a minimum. Distance between workplaces to be 2m social distancing wherever possible or other control measures in place such as screens.

Good Hygiene


Workstations to be cleaned at minimum start and end of shifts. Adequate ventilation to be provided

Mobile Plant

Social Distancing

Keep the number of different people using a vehicle to a minimum.

Good Hygiene

Contact points on a vehicle to be cleaned at minimum start and end of shift or at any hand over.


Social Distancing

Reduce number of people attending meetings in person by using remote working tools. Where possible, meetings will be held outside or in large indoor spaces. Meeting rooms to have maximum capacity to allow 2m separation or the use of screens if 2m is not possible across a table. Hand sanitiser available in meeting rooms.

Good Hygiene

Hand sanitiser available in meeting rooms. To reduce contamination all spaces used for meetings will be well ventilated.

Common areas

Social Distancing

Break times to be staggered to limit numbers to enable social distancing. Seating positioned arranged to follow 2m social distancing or other control measures in use such as screens.

Face Coverings

Face coverings must be worn, unless exempt for medical reasons, whenever people are inside and away from their working area.

VentilationWhere possible have natural airflow into the area.

Good HygieneHand cleaning / sanitising station available at entrance. Area to be left clean and tidy after use.

Accidents, security & other incidents

Good Hygiene

Normal safety rules apply if an evacuation is required. First aiders will use PPE where suitable and sanitise properly immediately afterwards, including washing hands.

Visitors & contractors to site / Contact with other people

Social Distancing

Only essential visitors/contractors will be allowed to site and must be pre-booked to allow for suitable preparations to be implemented.

Cleaning the workplace

Good Hygiene

Cleaning frequencies established based on usage, location and contamination potential to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.



Signs, posters and training used to ensure everyone entering site is aware of our control measures. Employees encouraged to give feedback on control measures. Company maintaining contact with people working at home.


All personnel, contractors and visitors attending site will be trained in the appropriate Covid-19 control measures.  Employees will receive regular refresher training.

Receiving goods on site /collections at our sites

Social Distancing

Our drivers and customers will follow Brett Covid-19 control measures. Specific loading and delivery protocols / rules for both Brett loading and receipt of goods will be developed at business / site level. Social distancing marking / signage / separation screens will be installed as appropriate.

Good Hygiene

Sanitising stations installed at appropriate places to maintain good hygiene.

Delivering our products to customers

Social Distancing

Our drivers will follow relevant site rules providing it does not put them at increased risk. Reduction in need for signing tickets with several customer agreements in place, reducing the need for driver to exit cab onsite.

Good Hygiene

Our drivers are issued with suitable PPE and sanitising materials to enable good hygiene.

Brett Sales reps visiting customers / Contact with other peopleSocial Distancing

Visits should only be carried out where business essential. All visits should be pre booked with the customer to allow for suitable preparations to be implemented. Brett colleagues are encouraged to follow the Government guidelines on travel. All customer and Brett control measures should be followed regarding social distancing and good hygiene standards.