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Local School Grows Interest In Healthy Eating

Pupils and budding horticulturists at Southroyd Primary & Nursery School are learning about the benefits of healthy eating

Pupils and budding horticulturists at Southroyd Primary & Nursery School are learning about the benefits of healthy eating after installing an allotment in the grounds of the school. The allotment has been installed through the hard work of parents and teachers, together with generous contributions from local companies, including Brett Landscaping, which has a manufacturing facility in nearby Pocklington.
The installation comes after the environment secretary launched the ‘Food Growing in Schools Task Force’ at the Chelsea Flower Show to encourage more schools to run growing schemes. A 2010 report for the Royal Horticultural Society found that vegetable intake was almost one serving per day greater in schools with a growing food curriculum, and combined fruit and vegetable consumption increased by one and a half servings. The allotment will provide students with an area to learn about the environment and the journey food takes from ground to plate. Each school year group will have responsibility for one of the allotment beds as part of the outdoor learning project. Brett Landscaping donated the flag paving for the allotment to provide much needed safe access for the children in all weather conditions. The paving will enable the pupils access to the allotment during the winter term allowing them to reap the benefits of their hard work before the end of the school year.

David Manton, Deputy Head Teacher at Southroyd Primary & Nursery School said: "We are extremely grateful for all of the hardwork from parents, staff and the local community which has enabled us to transform our grounds into an outdoor learning area. Learning about where our food comes from plays an important part in our efforts to encourage our pupils to eat healthily. We would like to thank Brett Landscaping for generously donating the paving to allow us to complete the project." Andrew Gill, Project Manager for Love Your Landscape at Brett Landscaping said:  "We are keen to support community projects such as these wherever we can and we are so pleased that the donation will help the pupils at Southroyd School enjoy the great outdoors."

The products were donated through Brett Landscaping’s Love Your Landscape initiative which donates paving products to help to renovate public outdoor spaces and make a difference to the environment for future generations to enjoy.