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How We Measure SHE

Each Brett Group business establishes, monitors and reviews a range of specific targets against measures in the Brett Group policy.

These targets are included in their business improvement plan and are reported annually.

Examples of these measures include:

  • % of production sites with UKAS accredited certification to BS EN 14001 and/or BSOHSAS 18001
  • % sites having a SHE improvement plan
  • % relevant sites having an approved restoration scheme / biodiversity action plan
  • Number of convictions for SHE offences eg. air and water emissions
  • Number of prohibition / improvement notices
  • % of outstanding audit Corrective Action Reports
  • % of A&W target achieved by business and individuals
  • % of near miss actions completed
  • % of contractors used which are pre-approved
  • Lost time and RIDDOR incidence rates