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Brett Paving Used In Charity's Rejuvination Project

The sucessful regeneration of Hull's old town using Brett paving products

Hull Trinity House, a charitable organisation which has served seafarers and their families in the area for over 600 years, has successfully regenerated part of Hull’s old town, using hard-landscaping materials supplied by Brett Landscaping.

With an inspiring colour spectrum and capacity for creativity, products from the Brett Landscaping Alpha Antique block paving range were considered the perfect choice for the charity to create a striking new and much needed car parking area, which doubles as an outdoor entertainment space.

900m² of Alpha Antique in Brindle was installed with its distressed aged look blending beautifully into any surrounding, whilst its subtle tones evoke a warm ambience making them ideal for period settings such as Hull Old Town.  Alongside the Alpha Antique, white marker blocks were also used to denote parking spaces, all of which was installed by the main contractor, C R Reynolds.

The privately funded redevelopment has transformed the former site of the Trinity House School, whose premises were deemed unfit for purpose in 2013.  The school consequently relocated to a more appropriate site, leaving the charity consigned with a redundant building.  As the former school structures were considered ‘detrimental to the Conservation Area’ by the Local Authority Planning Department, plans to rejuvenate the land were discussed, as Mr Outram, Estates Manager, explains:

“With Hull town centre experiencing a decrease in footfall, we wanted to convert the school’s land into an area where the local community would want to visit and spend time.  Our solution was to devise a scheme that would generate vital car parking space for shoppers and, more importantly, create an area where outdoor events could take place, adding a new dimension to Hull’s city centre.

“To successfully achieve this, exceptional quality paving was required to both harmonise with the conservation area, and meet with guidelines specified by the local planning department.”

Mr Plaxton, Assistant Estates Manager, a co-designer and project manager for the scheme, also became an integral part to the building materials decision process.  He required a superior product which was not only resilient but also visually stunning.  With helpful recommendations from his local merchant, he found the perfect product through Brett.

“Brett Landscaping was able to offer an extremely attractive, yet robust, solution using materials from the Alpha Antique block range.  These beautiful blocks created the perfect look, and their installation went extremely smoothly.”
Here Mr Plaxton refers to the performance of contractors, C R Reynolds, whom, in order to keep the project on track, needed to take delivery of the Alpha Antique paving blocks within a pedestrianised area which meant that there were delivery time restrictions.  He continues:

“The site is situated within the old town centre and is surrounded by narrow cobbled streets which have restrictive access issues.  C R Reynolds performed superbly on the project, meeting timescales and producing a standard of finish that met with our high expectations.”

With the installation now complete, the newly developed site is ready to help attract more visitors to the town centre.  Live events are scheduled to begin in summer 2016 and any profits made from the car park and event space will be assigned to benefit educational purposes.

Hull Trinity House