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Flowtec Self-compacting Concrete

Unlike conventional concrete, FLOWTEC Self-compacting concrete is a semi-liquid that pours and flows quickly and levels naturally with very little manual labour and no vibration or floating.

It gives a strong, stable concrete with an exceptional finish at a fraction of the total cost of laying traditional concrete.

A Concrete You Can Rely On

Self-compacting concrete is a well established product in the industry and is trusted in some of the most high profile and advanced construction projects in the world.

Just Like Conventional Concrete, Only Better

Flowtec’s strength, workability and stability means it performs in exactly the same way and in the same environments as conventional concrete, but with its huge increase in efficiency and reduced reliance on manual labour you can save money
on every project.

Flowtec Saves You Money

By reducing the amount of plant and manual handling, projects can be completed faster and more economically.

....And Time

No power floating also saves you time on site.

We Offer On-Site Support - for more information and advice call our team on 01622 793800

Click here to download the full Flowtec Self-compacting Concrete brochure (8 pages).