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Brett 110 - Volunteering for Kids Inspire

Kids Inspire supports children and young people recovering from traumatic experiences or dealing with emerging mental health difficulties in Essex.

The charity's overall aim is to make a positive difference to young lives by shaping their futures. Through proactive listening and therapeutic practice, they promote self-resilience, greater self-awareness, and relationship building to empower more positive life choices.

The volunteering team for the day were Sam Argyle, Kim Stevens, Lauren Hunt, Rod Woods and Adam Smith from Brett Aggregates' Eastern Area.

The team worked with other members of staff and wrapped Christmas gifts for the children and hampers for the families, then delivered the goodies to the schools for the children.

The gifts were donated by local firms and other charities throughout 2019 in readiness.

The monies donated will be used to help fund family fun days through the year specifically for the youngsters who attend sessions at Kids Inspire.

Brett 110 - Volunteering for Kids Inspire - 1.jpg
Brett 110 - Volunteering for Kids Inspire - 2.jpg
Brett 110 - Volunteering for Kids Inspire - 3.jpg