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New Energy Initiatives Put Sustainability First At Brett Landscaping

Brett Landscaping has reinforced its commitment to sustainability with a range of initiatives.

7 August 2013 

Brett Landscaping has reinforced its commitment to sustainability with a range of initiatives that emphasise renewable energy, reduced emissions and reduced -carbon operations. 

Since April, the electricity supplied across all of the Brett business units and manufacturing sites been generated solely from renewable sources.

The commitment to 100% renewable energy is the result of detailed negotiations between Brett and its energy suppliers.  “We have agreed a robust deal to ensure that Brett uses only green and clean energy sources, without the usual cost penalty that is associated with renewable power,” confirms Andrew Gill, Marketing Manager at Brett Landscaping.  “The sources for our power are fully tracked, and we are proudly displaying the certification across all of our sites.” 

The company has also taken advantage of the latest innovations in low-emission delivery vehicles with four new additions joining the Brett Landscaping fleet to ensure that customer orders are despatched promptly and arrive safely. 

The new ‘flat dropside’ vehicles, decked in the distinctive Brett livery, feature a number of environmentally-friendly features designed to reduce emissions and conserve fuel.  These including a Euro 5 engine and a crane which utilises a ‘power on demand’ for a lower fuel consumption. 

All of these initiatives are framed against the ongoing work by the business dedicated to the active implementation of sustainable processes. The company’s work with the Carbon Trust to implement a system to measure and improve the carbon footprint of its hard landscaping product range which began in 2011, is now nearing completion. 

“We hope to have an accurate picture of our impact on the environment by the end of the year, which will be the foundation for our long-term efforts to reduce the energy demands of our business,” explains Andrew Gill.  “We already have a rigorous internal programme in place to support our environmental ambitions, enabling us to identify new opportunities to improve sustainability through responsible energy sourcing and low-emission deliveries running alongside our other activities,” he adds. 

“We believe that by acting responsibly we can help to improve the sustainability of our business – but equally this enables us to deliver what our customers require. This demands a detailed knowledge of the drivers for sustainability so that we can take informed decisions and then pass the benefits on to our customers.”


New Energy Initiatives