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SHE Initiatives

To demonstrate our ongoing commitment for continuous improvement, Brett businesses have signed up to the following industry initiatives:

We continually look to improve our knowledge and understanding of and performance in sustainability issues and prefer to commit to long term, commercially viable solutions rather than short term ‘quick fixes’.

Here are some of our Health & Safety initiatives:

Measuring Up

In January 2008 Brett launched ‘Measuring Up’, an initiative involving the measurement of key factors in running a sustainable business such as energy, water, waste. We also established key sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) so that we can target and then reduce energy and water consumption and minimise waste.

Alive & Well

In 2006 we introduced a Behavioural Safety programme called ‘Alive and Well’ to engage Brett employees in discussions about all aspects of health, safety and environment, identifying both good practice and areas for improvement to ensure it stays ‘front of mind’ for everyone. The programme has gone from strength to strength and each year we reinforce it with new angles and best practice examples.

Slips, Trips & Falls

Brett recognises that slips and trips are one of the greatest causes of incidents. Although our training for slips, trips and falls has been in place for a long time,we wanted to try a different approach.

We analysed ways of getting the message across to our employees to give them a better understanding and decided on a multi-pronged approach. As well as the traditional tool-box talks, an interactive session which gets participants talking about hazards at their sites, we made sure that our behavioural SHE system, Alive and Well, concentrated on slips and trips throughout January 2009 and SHE alerts were issued across all Businesses.

We also added a poster campaign involving Brett personnel carrying out best practice – for example an employee from Layham was shown dismounting from his shovel, using all three points of contact, onto good ground – with the tag line ‘Behave like Benn’. Three other Brett people were shown on posters with their own tag line – ‘Act like Adam’, ‘Copy Carl’ and ‘Do it like Don’ and a headline saying  ‘hold on’, ‘tidy up’, ‘look out’ or ‘don’t slip up’.

The poster campaign proved very successful, with people trying to work out what the next phrase would be; it got them talking about the slips & trips posters – just what we wanted to keep safety at the ‘front of mind for everyone’.