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Public Exhibition - Cliffe

We are holding a public exhibition of our planning application proposals at Cliffe in Kent on Saturday 26th April at 5pm in the Cliffe Memorial Hall.

Brett Aggregates is holding a public exhibition of our planning application on a part of our site at Cliffe in Kent. We are seeking permission to import materials recovered from river dredging and tunnelling projects, these materials would be used to further enhance the restoration of the Brett owned Alpha and Chalk Lakes. The materials would be brought to the site by train or by barge and would then be placed in the disused clay pits.

There is currently a shortage of destinations for dredged material and tunnel arisings and we believe our application outlines a feasible way to address the shortage of destination sites and gives us the opportunity to further enhance existing restoration. The placement of material recovered from river dredging has been permitted on the adjacent site since the 1960s.
The exhibition will be held at Cliffe Memorial Hall, Church Street, Cliffe between 12noon and 5pm on Saturday 26th April 2014 and is open to all members of the public who wish to see the details of the planning application proposals. Representatives from Brett Aggregates will be there on the day to discuss the proposals with you and answer any questions.
If in the meantime you require any further information about this event please contact:

Richard Ford – Tel: 01227 829000,

Public Exhibition