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Brett 110 - A Helping Hand For A Forest School

Paul Cullum, Plant Supervisor for Brett Concrete spent his volunteering day at the local St George's Primary in Great Bromley helping them to maintain their Forest School area. The site had become very overgrown so Paul set about weeding and clearing the paths so the children had access.

Paul said, "Their Forrest school had become overgrown and they got me to clear away weeds and bushes. I cleared up around the pond area and stacked old wood to be used in the spring."

The school uses the area to teach children about nature and nature conservation as well as for other lessons in the summer. They recently had arches created that were filled with logs carrying the names of all the children. The logs support the archway and provide a home for wildlife.

The school were very appreciative of Paul's help.

Brett 110 - A Helping Hand For A Forest School - 1.jpg
Brett 110 - A Helping Hand For A Forest School - 2.jpg