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A Joint Effort To Supply Local Project

Two Brett companies - Brett Aggregates and Britannia Aggregates - have recently worked together to donate 20 tonnes of marine dredged aggregates to Newhaven FC, supporting them in their new carpark construction.

Newhaven FC is one of the oldest football clubs in Sussex, and runs a variety of teams including men’s and women’s teams, as well as youth teams from ages 12 to 16 – and recently, they’ve been looking to improve their facilities.

Shane Coveney, Ship Manager at Britannia Aggregates, plays as defender for Newhaven FC’s veteran team, and was approached by Martin Garry, Chairman of Newhaven FC to see if Brett could offer assistance with the project.


Plans by the club aim to create a new carpark in an area of open ground next to the club that has been used as a makeshift parking area by visitors, but was prone to water logging making parking difficult.

Dredged and delivered to the Newhaven wharf on the vessel the Britannia Beaver, the 10mm shingle was required for the initial stage of works to line and fill a trench in which a drainage pipe had been installed to take away the excess water.


Nigel Reeve, General Manager for Britannia Aggregates, commented: “It was a pleasure to be able to help Newhaven FC, and a big thank you to Dave Isham, Area Production Manager for Brett Aggregates Newhaven and Portsmouth, who kindly arranged the supply and delivery of the shingle from the Newhaven site.”

Shane Coveney commented: “I feel proud to be able to help a club that means a lot to me personally and one that has been a part of the Newhaven community for a long time.”