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Automated Weighbridge For Brightlingsea

Truck drivers bringing material into Brett Aggregates' Brightlingsea landfill are singing the praises of the new automated weighbridge, the first to be installed at Brett.

Truck drivers bringing material into Brett Aggregates’ Brightlingsea landfill are singing the praises of the new automated weighbridge, the first to be installed at Brett, which is saving them time as they enter and leave the site.

“We have had brilliant feedback from the drivers,” says Site Supervisor, Paul Sparling. “Some had reservations about using it in the beginning, but it is so easy to operate that they don’t have any trouble.”

Drivers are guided through the process by a series of on-screen prompts. “They simply have to swipe a card with their registration number on it, enter their WAP number and ticket number and that’s it,” explains Paul. “On the way out, they simply swipe their card again, the system prints off their ticket and they are on their way.  It is saving them so much time and our customers are delighted with the faster turnaround.”

The new automated weighbridge is dedicated to the landfill side of the site, freeing up the existing manned weighbridge on the aggregates side, which was previously used for both aggregate and landfill lorries which led to congestion at busy times. Having a separate flow of vehicles for each area has made the weighbridge process faster and smoother for both sides, increasing overall throughput.

“If there are any issues, the drivers can talk to the weighbridge operator on the aggregate side via an intercom, which means we only need one person to manage the throughput on both weighbridges,” continues Paul. “With significant benefits for both drivers and the company, the new unmanned weighbridge has proved to be a remarkable success.”