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Welcoming Our Newest Graduates

Over the past few years five Brett graduates have gone on to achieve successful careers, and this year two new graduates – Ellis Minter and Michael Elliott – recently joined the Brett Group Graduate Training Programme.

The Brett Graduate Scheme comprises a series of placements spanning eight months that will give them experience of various elements of the business and an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge.

480 Graduate.jpg

Michael successfully completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Lincoln. His focus will be on operational aspects of the business and he will be concentrating his time within Brett Landscaping and Building Products.

480 Graduate 2.jpg

Ellis graduated earlier this year from the University of Kent with a degree in Business Administration. He will be spending a few months in each of the businesses to gain a commercial insight into the Group, starting in Brett Aggregates.

“Our Graduate Training Programme is a part of the Brett Group investing in the future,” says Alan Smith, Chief Operating Officer.  “It gives successful candidates the opportunity to learn about our business by working across functions, undertaking valuable projects and at the same time enabling them to develop their skill set and build a foundation for their career before moving into their first full-time role. Following applications from many excellent candidates this year, I’d like to congratulate Ellis and Michael on their placements.”