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Contractor Safety Training

Drivers from one of our contract hauliers, Essex Bulk Services, attended professional training given by the Metropolitan Police on HGV and road safety at our Ridham site.

The breakfast event was delivered by Commercial Vehicle Unit Officer, Sergeant Rob Beckers on behalf of the Metropolitan Police. Sixteen drivers (in three groups) from Essex Bulk Services (EBS), the haulage company that services our Ridham cement terminal came along to the health and safety session which covered road safety, mental health and driver welfare.  

Brett was very happy to provide the venue for EBS, who have a fleet of 180 HGVs, after they were approached by the Metropolitan Police with the aim of raising awareness on safety.


One area discussed was the “Fatal Four”, an initiative by the metropolitan police that aims to tackle vehicular related incidents. The attendees were walked through the four biggest dangers whilst driving, which are drink and drug driving, distracted driving, speeding, and not wearing a seat belt.

Other important areas covered by the talk included what to do in the event of a ‘stop and check’ and roadside incidents such as collisions and individuals in distress, as well as the wellbeing and safety of drivers and road users.


Robert Dickson, Marine Logistics and Transport Manager said: “Talks like these help us all be vigilant around important issues in order to keep drivers, and other road users safe. The talk was really motivational and left the drivers feeling supported.”

All of the issues discussed at the toolbox talk form a part of our own driver training given as a part of the Freight Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS) for Brett Aggregates and Brett Concrete.