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Visitors Arrive Two By Two at Twycross Zoo Thanks To Kassel Kerb

Brett Landscaping's expertise in providing specialist kerb solutions for buses has been instrumental in the redevelopment of the coach park at Twycross Zoo

Brett Landscaping's expertise in providing specialist kerb solutions for buses has been instrumental in the redevelopment of the coach park at Twycross Zoo.

The zoo has recently completed an overhaul of its parking facilities to coincide with its 50th anniversary, including a new drop-off area for coaches made up of six dedicated bays.

“Coach trips from schools and other groups represent one of our biggest audiences and we wanted to optimise our drop-off area to make it as safe and practical as possible for visitors to the zoo when embarking and disembarking,” explains Louise Bhara, Estates Manager at Twycross Zoo.
“After researching the options available, we decided that the Kassel Bus Boarding Kerb from Brett Landscaping represented the ideal solution for us – and our customers” she adds.

Kassel is specifically designed to allow coach and bus drivers to position their vehicles close to the kerb - in many cases leaving a gap of below 40mm – for fast, safe and easy passenger access.  The system’s increased safety and convenience over conventional kerbing makes it particularly beneficial for disabled and visually impaired whilst its unique design profile makes it highly popular with the fleet operators as it minimises expensive wear and tear on their vehicle tyres.

The designers then sought to complement the use of Kassel and reinforce visitor safety within the drop-off zone at Twycross Zoo by also using another Brett Landscaping specialist kerb system, the Trief Vehicle Containment Kerb.  The unique design profile of Trief, which has been well proven in over fifty years service on our roads, acts not only as a visual deterrent to drivers but can also help to redirect vehicles away from the kerb and therefore away from pedestrians.

In this instance the combination of two distinct kerb systems provided Brett with an opportunity to improve the functionality of the complete installation.  Since Trief is higher than Kassel, drivers are clearly directed to the optimal area for their vehicles in to ensure that coaches dock correctly which thereby helps to speed traffic flow rates and avoid vehicle over-runs.  Meanwhile the extensive range of corners, quadrants and accessories associated with Trief have enabled Brett to create curved ends for the bays for improved aesthetics and safety.

Since Trief and Kassel kerbs are generally not used in conjunction Brett Landscaping also had to work with the client to design and manufacture a specialist transition kerb unit to bridge the sections between Trief and Kassel so that the kerb line flows seamlessly from zone to zone.

The lanes were sucessfully in place in time for the 2013 season, which – thanks in part to excellent weather and a number of new exhibits – has been the busiest Twycross Zoo has seen for many years.

“The drop-off area has already been put through its paces with hundreds of coaches bringing visitors throughout 2013, and the Brett Landscaping kerbing has worked exceptionally well in providing seamless embarkation and disembarkation for coach passengers,” confirms Louise Bhara.

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