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Flowing and Traditional Floor Screed

We specialise in producing high performance, high specification concrete screeds for flooring applications for the construction industry and domestic use.

No matter what the application, we have a range of screeds to cover it. From traditional ready-mixed sand and cement screeds, through to the latest cementitious and anhydrite flowing screeds, outlined below in our FLOWTEC Screed range.

All our products are designed to the highest technical specifications and meet BS EN 13813.

Anhydrite Based Flowing Screeds

Anhydrite-Screed.jpgManufactured with calcium sulphate, anhydrite based screeds have a low environmental impact and offer a range of benefits over traditional screeds. They are pumped, free flowing and can be installed in bays of up to 1000m2 before any expansion joints are required. They also have almost twice the thermal conductivity of traditional screeds making them ideal for underfloor heating installations. We have a range of anhydrite products to suit almost any installation conditions.

Flowtec Classic Screed - Manufactured to exacting standards, Flowtec Classic Screed is free-flowing making installation quick and cost effective. It can be used in floating, bonded or unbonded construction.

Flowtec Quick-Drying Screed - This innovative, high quality product has all the properties of anhydrite screeds and is made with specifically graded sands and additives. It dries extremely quickly compared to other anhydrite screeds.

Flowtec Thermal Screed - Designed specifically for cooling and heating systems this product takes advantage of anhydrite screed’s inherent thermal properties. It can be used with conventional and renewable heating technologies and it encapsulates any type of pipe the project has in place.

Flowtec XS Screed - Designed for use in domestic and commercial scenarios where durability and high loadings are expected. It maintains all the usual thermal and installation benefits of other anhydrite screeds but through its enhanced mix it is incredibly strong.

Cementitious Flowing Screed 

Cementitious-screed.jpgUsing very fine, high purity ground limestone and a range of additives cementitious flowing screed offers all the benefits of being a pumped, free flowing screed combined with the performance of being a cement based product. It’s inherently strong, fast to install, and most importantly the product dries incredibly quickly meaning the floor can be tiled over in just 14 days.

Flowtec Cementitious Screed - This high-quality cement based flowing screed cures extremely quickly and makes installation fast, easy and cost efficient. As with all flowing screeds its particularly adept in underfloor heating systems.

No need for a spray applied curing agent - Longfloor IntegraCure is a limestone based binder containing specially selected additives. When mixed with cement, sand and water it produces a free-flowing cementitious screed. It is suitable for all types of flooring applications. IntegraCure has been formulated to negate the need for a spray applied curing agent to be used.

Traditional Sand and Cement Screed

sand-and-cement-screed.jpgTried and tested, our range of traditional ready-mixed sand and cement screeds are easy to use, require minimum preparation and can be retarded to ensure 12 hour workability. They are available with admixtures for faster drying times and fibres for added strength.

Traditional Screed – A standard ready-mixed sand and cement screed that can be tailored to suit your project.

Traditional Screed with fibres - Reinforced with 6mm fibreglass invisible fibres, this traditional screed provides enhanced strength where heavy footfall and high loadings are expected. 

Traditional Screed fast drying - A traditionally laid semi-dry screed mortar blended with specially selected admixtures to produce a screed that cures in up half the time. 

Screed deliveries

With 17 quality controlled batching plants we can deliver floor screed across the South East and East of England including: Kent - Ashford, Canterbury, Cliffe, Dover, Lydd, Maidstone, Northfleet, Sittingbourne & Sheppey, Tunbridge Wells and Ramsgate, Essex - Colchester and Suffolk - Ipswich.

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For any enquiries regarding our screed range please contact Toby Collins on 07971 725530 or email

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