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Olly Brown

Group Development Director

Olly joined Brett Aggregates as landfill manager in 2001 and since then has spent considerable time in operational and commercial development roles within the Group including General Manger of Brett Aggregates for the Southern and Eastern Areas before becoming the Brett Group Development Director.  Olly leads on rail and marine related development for Brett Group and is a key part of the team for major projects with rail, marine, or waste related elements.  With a background in waste management Olly has headed up many waste related infrastructure and commercial projects for Brett such as Thames Tideway Tunnels and HS2.  

“Land based mineral reserves are diminishing and not being replaced as fast as they are consumed.  Marine aggregates are crucial in meeting the demand for construction materials and will continue to grow in importance as an ever greater proportion of total aggregate supply.  Brett has an exceptional marine supply chain, with extensive licences and network of marine aggregate wharves in the South East.  With multiple rail linked locations Brett is able to supply marine and other aggregates directly by rail into Central London, as well as to all of the markets around London and in the South East.”

“As land based reserves for building materials become scarcer and the drive for more sustainable production of essential building materials becomes keener, it is clear that recycling and responsibly sourcing aggregates from the sea is key to our long term future”

Additionally now as Managing Director for Britannia Aggregates, the Brett Group’s marine dredging business, Olly continues to help the company develop its capabilities around marine won aggregates and ensuring the long-term supply of building materials to the UK.  

When he’s not working his socks off, he enjoys food and drink, travelling, skiing and rugby.