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Enhanced Safety and Sustainability Features for Brett Vehicles

Across the Brett Group we look to continually improve the safety and sustainability of our vehicles by considering the use of alternative fuels, fuel efficiency and safety standards when purchasing new equipment or vehicles.

Working towards these improvements Brett Concrete has recently received thirteen new DAF FADCF410 trucks, with an additional six trucks expected to be delivered in early 2023. The new vehicles are fitted with the latest safety equipment including side scanners and a sophisticated camera system. The new vehicles are specified for the ‘Direct Vision Standard’, a system that ensures drivers have sufficient sight through their front cabin - helping to eliminate blind spots and risks to pedestrians and cyclists.


Brett Concrete's new DAF FADCF410 trucks, fitted with side scanners and camera system.

Brett Aggregates has also invested in the safety and sustainability of their fleet and received 18 of the 28 new vehicles ordered last year which are equipped with enhanced safety features and fuel-efficient Euro 6 engines, which help to reduce the emissions emitted by diesel engines. This works alongside our FORs accreditation which includes driver training for best practice in safety, efficiency and environmental protection.  


Two of Brett Aggregates new Euro 6 trucks

Shaun Baker, Head of Transport for Brett Aggregates explains:

“We are expanding our fleet to 54 to increase our haulage capacity and meet growing volumes. The newer vehicles – and their updated engines – are more fuel efficient and meet our objectives of continuously reducing our carbon emissions”.