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Watford Junction Benefits From Brett Solution For Paving And Bus Kerbs

Watford Junction Station has undergone an extensive and ambitious overhaul this year to redevelop its facilities and better serve its customers

Watford Junction Station has undergone an extensive and ambitious overhaul this year to redevelop its facilities and better serve its multiple commuter and domestic customers. The station renovation has included the remodelling of the ticket hall, adjacent bus station and both short and long-stay car parks, as well as a redesign of the pedestrian and vehicular hard-landscaping to assist traffic flow and provide a pleasant aesthetic environment.

Brett Landscaping was commissioned as the key supplier for the complete hard landscaping project due to its expertise in this field.  Brett Kassel bus docking kerbs having already been used at each newly designed bus stopping area, a range of Brett block paving products was then used to ensure a consistent, eye-catching landscape throughout both a 900m2 pedestrian area, and the 650m2 bus station.

Brett Landscaping integrated their specialist Kassel bus boarding kerbs with their Omega and Piatto block paving ranges to allow for better vehicle positioning and timproved customer safety during embarkation, as well as speeding up passenger flow rates.

Richard Walklate, the Site Manager for the project main contractor J Murphy & Sons, explained the extensive involvement of Brett Landscaping in the redevelopment of Watford Junction.  “We’d initially commissioned Brett only to supply the Kassel bus docking kerbs for the remodelling works, as a different supplier had been specified to provide the additional hard-landscaping materials.  “However, Brett convinced us that it could add value by taking on project management for all of the site’s paving requirements.  

We realised that the Brett solution was one that would not only enhance the proposed aesthetics, but better meet London Midland’s requirement of using block paving to provide a visual guide for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

“Brett’s ability to take and improve upon the proposed plans was a superb demonstration of the company’s exceptional design skill and unsurpassed customer service. Brett’s colour scheme samples and material quality created a real impact with us, and their reliable supply and delivery was second to none.”

The ultimate selection of paving combined Brett Piatto modular paving in grey-toned shades of Silver Granite, Dark Granite and Dark Basalt, as well as Omega block paving in Natural. Piatto was chosen by the station’s operating company, London Midland, as it was felt that this alternative solution to natural granite paving would combine striking aesthetics with consistency and outstanding durability.

Brett enhanced this choice by recommending the integration of Omega paving to complement the bus docking areas and station’s contemporary stainless steel street furniture. The large pedestrian area now blends seamlessly into the Kassel bus docking kerbs, and has been sealed using Resiblock Eco for simplified cleaning.

The Brett hard landscaping was installed between November 2012 and April 2013, and has garnered an impressed response from both London Midland and the J Murphy & Sons’ contracting team.  By deciding to combine the two paving projects and commission both to Brett, a perfectly merged and contemporary external space has been created that combines practicality with exceptional aesthetics.

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Watford Junction Paving & Bus Kerbs