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Sustainability Measurement and Improvement

We measure our performance and improvement progress through a programme called ‘Measuring Up’ which collects data on energy such as electricity and diesel to measure how much CO2 we produce as a proportion (kg per tonne) of our production output. We also measure water consumption and waste management, and routinely review our performance every three months to aid the efficient running of the business.

We have a variety of initiatives to help improve our performance:

Electricity – actions include converting to LED (not Halogen) lighting, using timers on equipment such as conveyers and thermostats on heaters and reinforcing simple habits such as closing doors, turning off lights etc when not in use.

Gas Oil – reductions have been achieved through better management of stockpiles and larger machine buckets, reducing fuel oil through better driving practices, switching off engines when idle and improved vehicle movement management.

Water – in addition to recycling water, a focus on accurate meter readings have identified a number of significant leaks which have subsequently been fixed.

Waste to Landfill – we have progressively reduced the amount of waste sent to landfill through effective segregation and recycling and by working closely with registered disposal companies.

To provide evidence of our sustainability performance across all aspects of the business, we also produce an annual report detailing specific measures and improvement targets.

Download Sustainability & Responsible Sourcing Annual Report