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Community Liaison & Consultation

Brett Group will do everything reasonably possible to build relationships with all of our stakeholders including regulatory bodies, local communities, suppliers and customers.

In order to achieve this, we will:

  • Consult with relevant authorities and the community regarding new developments and business proposals as appropriate and in a timely and open way.
  • Prior to any new development we will undertake the relevant assessments so that mitigating actions can be incorporated into plans.
  • Treat all of the people, communities and businesses that are involved in or affected by our activities with respect.
  • Encourage organised groups of children and adults to visit our sites and quarries as part of school studies, for general interest or for liaison meetings.
  • Maintain our sites in a way that protects the community from hazards or dangers through fencing, security and awareness programmes.
  • Work with local people to minimise inconvenience from vehicles, noise or dust.
  • Use local suppliers and labour where practical, possible and economic to do so.
  • Maintain informal relationships with our neighbours through community and employee sponsorship and charitable donations including donating construction materials, time and expertise.

Brett Group businesses operate complaints systems whereby:

  • All complaints are logged, considered and investigated by a manager.
  • The outcome of an investigation is recorded and communicated back to the complainant in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • The businesses within the Group operate systems to control non-conforming product, whereby the company ensures that any product/service that does not conform to specification requirements is identified and action taken to remedy the issue.
  • Investigations of complaints include a review of trends in performance and the management systems to identify areas for improvement in operational control as well as improving customer services in the future.

Click here to open our Community Liaison, Consultation & Complaints policy document.