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Brett 110 - Herne Bay Swimming Club

Karen Davey, Management Accountant at Brett Group spent her day volunteering at the Herne Bay Swimming Club Gala ‘Herne Bay Sprints Extravaganza’ which was open to young swimmers across Kent.

The Herne Bay Swimming Club is run solely by volunteers for children from five years of age and provides regular swim training and events in the Kent area.

There were several hundred children taking part in the all day gala and Karen's first role was to help run the warm up session ensuring the swimmers were all ready to compete.

Karen said "I then moved to marshalling which involves getting children in the right races at the correct time, a busy and very noisy job! I regularly volunteer for the club as my son swims with them and I have trained as a swimming teacher whilst being a volunteer, it is very rewarding and is great to see how quickly the youngsters improve and their confidence grows."

Karen presented the cheque to Emma Twyman the club Chairperson, who was very grateful for the donation to the club. Karen continued, "They have recently updated their kit and the contribution will go towards the cost of new shirts for the swimmers."

Brett 110 - Herne Bay Swimming Club - 1.jpg