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A Word from our Chairman

Bill Brett, Chairman

At the heart of the Brett Group’s track record spanning over 110 years is our reputation for being ‘built on relationships’.

This has been created and nurtured by our people over many generations by taking a long term view and being both ‘up-front’ and consistently delivering on our promises.

We develop our approach and our priorities to reflect the needs of our various stakeholders and to be a proactive and trusted partner to everyone we work with. We liaise with and support our local communities, industry stakeholders and most importantly our people, to collectively enhance our industry’s reputation, collaborating to achieve success that benefits our society, supports UK growth and creates a great place to work.


Key facts

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Is an equal opportunities employer with C700 Employees and on average offers 5 graduate places per year.

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Has won over 51 awards for quarry restoration projects in 50 years.


Block Paving

Manufactures half a million tonnes of hard landscaping products per year.



Produces 1,000,000m3 plus of Ready Mixed Concrete per year.

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Has aggregate sales of approx. 6m tonnes per year.


Our Locations

Has over 60 locations across the South East of England and is the largest independent construction and building materials group in the UK.