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Cricklewood Is Now Open For Business!

Capital Concrete's new site at Cricklewood is now open - the new facility is a 200m3 per hour wet batch plant and is located just off the A5 at Cricklewood Sidings where it has the advantage of being rail connected, which helps to lower the carbon footprint of all concrete supplied.

Gary Spencer, Capital Concrete’s Commercial Director for West London, said: “We’re very happy to have the new Cricklewood site up and running, which has increased our capacity in the London area significantly and the new wet batch plant allows us to produce our full range of traditional and low carbon concrete mixes, flowing screeds and other specialist concretes for our customers.”

Cricklewood Installing.jpg

Luke Smith, Capital Concrete’s Managing Director, commented: “Setting up a new site always has it’s challenges, it was great to see how hard everyone worked to make it a success and bring it all together - the entire team did a fantastic job.”

Cricklewood Complete.jpg