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New Volumetric Mixer Joins 1st Choice Concrete Fleet

1st Choice Concrete has taken delivery of a new volumetric concrete mixer.

Responding to an increased demand for on-site mixing, Brett Concrete’s sister company 1st Choice Concrete has taken delivery of a new volumetric concrete mixer. 

 Standard trucks deliver concrete that has been mixed and batched at the plant, with a limited window of around two hours before the concrete starts to set, this delivery method is only viable within a certain radius of the batching plant.
Volumetric mixers however transport concrete ingredient materials which can then be mixed on arrival at a project site meaning the vehicle can travel further from the batching plant and can service more customers in one journey.  As the product is mixed on demand multiple mix types can be produced from a single load to the customer’s exact specifications.

Volumetric mixing is also an attractive option for Highways projects and those jobs that don’t require all of the concrete in one pour as a volumetric mixer can stay on site for longer, mixing concrete to the required specification as and when needed.

Peter Raycraft the Business Manager for 1st Choice Concrete commented, “This is a great addition to our service offering to our customers and marks a really exciting phase for 1st Choice Concrete.”

Today, the UK volumetric trade sector accounts for nearly 10% of all concrete currently delivered in the UK. The volumetric market is also growing at some 2% year on year. (Source: MPA and Concrete magazine).

The new volumetric mixer is the only fully QSRMC certified volumetric vehicle in the South of England, following the Brett tradition of delivering quality products and services. 

The brand new vehicle has also been modified to meet the company’s strict health and safety standards. Peter Raycraft explains, “When we took delivery of the volumetric truck we identified some areas where we felt we could improve safety, such as adding further guarding to ingress points along the body, the conveyor and the mixing bowl, and fitting a fall arrest wire on the top of the vehicle”.

Aaron Bartram, Operations/Terminal Manager for Brett Concrete, Peter Raycraft and engineer, Dave Ingram met with the engineering team from Armcon, the Cheshire-based supplier of the vehicle to work on these improvements.
“It is a real triumph,” says Peter. “If attempts are made to get into the mixing bowl/ auger junction site whilst in operation, an electrical circuit is broken and the whole auger and bowl instantly stop operating. It really is an impressive piece of work.”

The first volumetric order was successfully delivered in late August 2014 and demand for volumetric mixing has continued to grow since then.

Vehicle specification:
1st Choice Concrete’s new vehicle is an Armcon Volumetric Concrete Dispenser model, MCD10MX-150, with a Euro 5 Renault Kerax 430 HP engine, mounted on an 8x4 vehicle chassis. The vehicle has maximum storage for 11cum3 of aggregate/sand and can produce up to 10m3 of concrete in one delivery.

To find out more about 1st Choice Concrete, Volumetric Mixing or Small Load Concrete please click here or call 0870 607 1778.

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