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New 2013 Gardens and Drives Brochure

Sustainability, convenience and installation are at the heart of the new Brett Landscaping 2013 Gardens & Drives brochure.

Consumer choice in sustainability, convenience and installation are at the heart of the new Brett Landscaping 2013 Gardens & Drives brochure, which showcases our range of solutions for long-lasting, beautifully paved patios and drives.

Brett is commitment to responsible sourcing and ethical trading, which is supported in the brochure with a new section dedicated to Sustainability, providing details on all our policies and sustainable projects. “Today’s consumers are making informed choices based on environmental principles, so we’re happy to provide details of our policies and projects in this area,”explains Andrew Gill, Marketing Manager at Brett Landscaping & Building Products.

New products for 2013 include Texitone ECO paving, which contains a minimum of 65% recycled natural Welsh slate aggregate adding to our existing range of sustainable products such as our permeable paving and giving our customers a greater choice of sustainable options for their home.

Other products new to the 2013 brochure are aimed at maximising customer convenience by offering ready-to-use packs. Regatta TRIO riven blocks are now available in mixed packs containing three sizes – meaning that customers need fewer packs, thus saving wastage and cost on smaller projects.

For the first time, Brett Landscaping has also included pages that focus on some of the best patio and driveway installations by those in our Approved Installer Scheme, including the winners of our 2012 Brett Approved Installer Awards.

Click here to view the full 2013 Gardens & Drives brochure

Omega Flow System Testing

See what happens when we put our permeable paving to the ultimate performance test. In this sequence we deposit 400 gallons of water from a tanker onto one small area of paving in a few minutes. The site being tested is an overflow car park for the Northampton Saints RFC.