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Brett 110 - Volunteering At Wildwood

Katie Broad, Field Sales Manager and Coral Levitt, Sales Coordinator for Brett Aggregates recently completed a volunteer day at the Wildwood Trust in Kent.

Wildwood is a woodland discovery park, is open to the public and is home to over 50 species of current and past native British animals. They are an independent charity that rely solely on donations.

A few of the latest projects include re introducing the Red Squirrel back into the Wild, and a new breeding programme for beavers.

In 2014 Wildwood Trust rescued two European brown bears from a life of misery. The bears had lived their entire lives in small, barren concrete pits in a deserted bear breeding centre called Kormisosh in Bulgaria. Kormisosh was used to breed bears to be shot by hunters until 1993 when bear hunting was outlawed. When they arrived they had never seen a tree or walked on grass and had been denied the chance to learn and display natural behaviour.

Since being rescued, Wildwood has been working to rehabilitate the bears and thanks to an ongoing care programme, they are learning to be bears again.

During their time at Wildwood Katie and Coral spent time working on the new beaver enclosure which is due to house beavers that will be arriving from Spain.

Coral said, "The arrival of the beavers has been temporarily delayed due to Brexit and a lot of new forms have had to be completed.” Hopefully the beavers will arrive at their new home soon.

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