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Animals Go Wild For Brett Aggregates' Lydd Sand

When Brett Aggregates received a call from Howletts Wildlife Park for sand for the Rhino and Elephant enclosures we were more than happy to help.

When Brett Aggregates received a call from Howletts Wildlife Park for sand for the Rhino, Elephant and Tiger enclosures we were more than happy to help.

The first delivery of Lydd sand was made early in the morning before the park opened to the public and was tipped directly into the enclosures as the animals watched with interest over the fence.  At first they didn’t know what to make of the delivery, however it didn’t take them long to realise that it was something good to play with.  The rhinos clambered up the piles of sand and dug into it, while the adult elephants preferred to throw it around, this was especially good fun for the baby elephants who were thrilled. 

Howletts Wild Animal Park near Canterbury was founded and is managed by the Aspinall foundation, a registered charity that have two wildlife parks in Kent. They run conservation, research and educational projects in the UK and overseas.  The parks are open to the general public all year round.

The Park's Research & Enrichment Supervisor Mark Kingston Jones remarked  “The sand is hugely beneficial as it offers health and behavioural enrichment for animals in captive settings, even something as simple as putting in a new material can have fantastic benefits as they investigate and play with it.  The abrasive surface of the sand helps animals like Rhino and Elephant with foot care by wearing their pads to the right level and preventing problems from developing. The large and small cats prefer a choice of surfaces to rest on depending on the time of day and their mood.”

Mark further remarked, “We are very grateful to Brett Aggregates for their help and the animals certainly appreciate it too”.

Brett has a long history of getting involved in the community and community projects - from countryside cycle paths to the Faversham Bike ride and from bowls clubs patios and car parks to paving slabs for Primary schools . Two

years ago, Brett sand was also used to provide a 'Day at the Beach' for the elderly residents of Connors House, residential care home in Canterbury (see community story link here) which brightened everyone's day.

Gregor Mutch, MD of Brett Aggregates says, "we are so much a part of the local community that our people want to be involved and make a positive impact".

For more information on Brett in the community click here.