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Built on Relationships - Hithermoor & Heathrow Terminal 2

The Brett Aggregates Hithermoor site is playing a key role in the Heathrow Terminal 2 project

The Brett Aggregates’ Hithermoor site is playing a key role in the Heathrow Terminal 2 project. The development at Heathrow will deliver a brand new terminal to service 20 million passengers per year and use 20% less carbon than the previous Terminal 2.

Hithermoor, a former landfill site was reopened to provide home for 400km3 of engineering material, which comes from the excavation works on site at Heathrow Terminal 2.

The engineering material is brought from Heathrow, two miles away, and is placed and compacted over the landfill to create a sealed cap as a way of managing rainwater permeation and gases from the landfill. These levels are constantly monitored as the engineering material goes on.

To bring this opportunity about has taken agreat effort, planning and resource from a range of disciplines, and has involved many departments throughout the Brett Group including Operations, Commercial, Planning & Development, SHE and Finance.

The working relationships now the site is live are just as important. Damian Mclean from Brett Aggregates visits the site regularly to liaise with our client, Balfour Beatty and earthworks contractor, McGee on all aspects of the day to day works, along with Gordon Harris who is the weighbridge operator. The siteis a busy one with up to 400 loads delivered to the site per day.

Brett takes its duty of care to local communities and the environment extremely seriously. Examples of the many measures taken include washing the wheels of vehicles before they enter the public road network and in drier weather the roads around the site are being dampened down to control dust. In addition, the site is constantly monitored for noise levels – all these help us manage the site responsibly and avoid us being a nuisance to our neighbours.

The whole scheme has been planned with the local councils and community groups to ensure that the eventual restoration to a mixture of woodland and open areas for public use is to the highest standard. 

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