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Hydraulically Bound Materials

Hydraulically Bound Materials (HBMs) are soils or aggregates that have a binder such as cement, lime-based binders, gypsum or fly ash added, which then hardens by a chemical / hydraulic reaction with water.

Our Hydraulically Bound Materials (HBMs) are made using recycled material and cement to produce a (CBGM) Cement Bound Granular Material and are a great cost saving alternative to a traditional sub base or base course aggregate. They can be used in road construction, block paving, trench reinstatement and, as a capping layer in general construction projects.

HBM’s are listed by WRAP in their reducing construction waste campaign. WRAP helps businesses and local authorities to reduce waste and recycle more as a way of tackling climate change.

Using a layer of the more cost effective HBM in your road construction project means that potentially the asphalt layer could be reduced.

Our Technical Services Department ensures that all our products meet the appropriate British and European standard specifications with all aggregate and coated sites being quality assured to ISO 9001.

Our HBM’s are regularly tested for moisture content, grading and compressive strength, so you receive a consistent quality product from us. All Brett Aggregates sites operate under the BS EN ISO 14001 : 2008 - Environmental Management System.

HBM’s have pre-approval by some local authorities, for example they feature in the Kent Highways design guide as an alternative to primary aggregate solutions.

We will work with you to ensure you have the optimum pavement design have the perfect mixes for your project. Let our knowledge and expertise add some real value to the finished result whilst saving you money.

Immediate collection or next day delivery available from our HBM plants in Ashford, Chatham or Hithermoor in West London

Please call 01795 594003 to talk to us about your project, or to find out more.