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Ipswich Wharf Refurbishment Completed

Brett Aggregates Ipswich Wharf plant has recently been refurbished

Brett Aggregates Ipswich Wharf plant has recently been refurbished in order to increase the annual tonnage capacity at this busy site. The site is both road and rail linked and typically services the Essex and London markets.

In the last quarter of 2015, we received our largest-ever aggregate cargo through Ipswich Port when we brought in 9600T of BAD on our sister dredger the Victor Horta.

Marine Aggregate is becoming an increasingly important resource in the industry as land based mineral resources become depleted.

The Brett owned vessel is the Britannia Beaver which delivers approx. 1.1mt annually to Brett and customer Wharves along the South Coast and North East England and Northern France.


Top Picture: The Ipswich Wharf team on site: from left: Matt Parkinson, Maintenance Fitter; Ben Warren, Site Supervisor; Dave Benneworth, Site Operative: Chris Alderidge, Site Contractor.


Ipswich Wharf Team
Ipswich Wharf plant
Ipswich Wharf 3
Ipswich Wharf 4