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A Word from our Chairman

Brett has been looking forward since 1909. We have grown through a combination of acquisition and continuous investment over the long-term - placing a high importance on working with all of our key stakeholders to maintain our strong reputation and to develop the skills, knowledge and relationships that differentiate the business.

Brett is able to be different because it is not a plc - and this will continue to drive our independence in decision-making. Throughout the organisation we take pride in being accountable and responsible in the way we build business relationships.

I believe we have been a thriving, dynamic business for over a hundred years because of this independent spirit and being in-touch – we are able to search out and react to opportunities, adapt to changing markets and face challenges with agility, integrity and tenacity – all of which is a tribute to the great people in our teams. 

I’m very proud to be part of a company which is firmly focused on building a great future, founded on our successful past.

Bill Brett, Chairman, Brett Group