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New Products Launched In Our 2014 Gardens & Drives Brochure

The new natural stone range is just one of several new products and services showcased in the 2014 Gardens & Drives brochure

The new natural stone range is just one of several new products and services showcased by Brett Landscaping and Building Products in its 2014 Gardens & Drives brochure. 

The Brett Landscaping portfolio of natural stone products includes conventional Sandstone, Slate, and Limestone – but also now includes Quartzite for a completely different look.  

To help customers find the right look for their outdoor spaces, the range is now classified by four distinct types: Elite, Style, Creative and Smart. “Each grouping offers distinct benefits, from the premium Elite with its variety of secondary processed textured, polished and tumbled finishes, through to Smart, which delivers great durability and looks without breaking the bank,” explains Andrew Gill, Marketing Manager at Brett Landscaping.

The new catalogue also sees the launch of Alpha TRIO, an extension of the successful TRIO concept, which is designed to make life easier for the smaller contractor or DIY enthusiast.  TRIO blocks are supplied in mixed packs containing three sizes, allowing various combinations dependent on the project area.  The result is that the installer can significantly reduce wastage on smaller projects.

"With the public largely unaware of the current legal requirements for sustainable drainage on paved driveways, the 2014 Gardens & Drives catalogue also includes essential advice from Brett on the options available to homeowners looking for a new driveway.

“Modern driveways must incorporate a high degree of functionality surrounding surface water management, but this cannot come at the expense of aesthetically-pleasing designs,” confirms Andrew Gill. “Our catalogue demonstrates how to get the best of both worlds.”

After the successful inclusion of award-winning installations completed by its Approved Installers in last year’s catalogue, Brett Landscaping has increased the portfolio of real-life examples to demonstrate the consistent high quality that can be achieved using Brett Landscaping’s paving products.

“We don’t want customers to take our word for it, especially when the quality of the work speaks for itself,” states Andrew Gill. “By putting the spotlight on the options available – and introducing some of the expert installers who make it all possible – we hope that homeowners will immediately see the benefits of choosing Brett for their outdoor spaces.”

If you want to download a copy of the new brochures, please click here

2014 Brochure