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Big Change For HGV Drivers

A new telematics system has been fitted to our fleet of HGV's and has already proved its worth.

A new telematics system fitted to our 70 HGV's in January has already proved its worth, delivering better vehicle performance, improved fuel economy and more efficient two-way communication between drivers and the office.

The powerful fleet management system developed by technology company, BigChange provides a range of functionality for both drivers and office users.  Each cab is fitted with a tablet running the BigChange mobile app which provides HGV-specific satellite navigation with live traffic updates, instant messaging to and from the office, real-time vehicle tracking, electronic recording of pre-check information, instant relaying of data to office-based users and monitoring and recording of vehicle performance.

Customer Services Manager, Ashley Smith explains: "Much of the previous system was paper-driven which meant there was an inevitable lag between information being recorded and it being available to be acted upon.  The BigChange solution makes communication between driver and office so much quicker and more efficient.

"The new system enables drivers to do their pre-checks electronically and that information is sent directly to the back-office".

"We get a live view of vehicle locations, so we can track any vehicle at any time", continues Ashley.  "If a customer calls asking when his order will be delivered, we can tell them exactly where it is and when to expect delivery.  Our operational efficiency also benefits from us knowing the real-time location of each vehicle.  We can react quickly to urgent or unplanned jobs and mobilise the nearest truck".

"One of the most noticeable impacts has been the reduction in idling time by 50-60% and a significant improvement in fuel economy".

"Our drivers can see the benefits of the BigChange system and have engaged with it in a very positive way.  All credit should go to the drivers for what has been achieved in such a short space of time".



BigChange For HGV Drivers