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Brett Community Garden Is Designed To Unite Generations

Brett Landscaping has sponsored a community initiative enabling residents and local school children in the Llandaff North area of Cardiff.

A community initiative sponsored by Brett Landscaping has enabled residents and local school children in the Llandaff North area of Cardiff to join forces to nurture an award-winning garden.

The show garden – named ‘A Growing Community’ which was designed by Stephanie Wilkins a Llandaff North Residents’ Association Chairperson and a keen amateur gardener.– has been installed at its permanent site in Station Road in Llandaff North.  The garden first appeared at the RHS Cardiff Flower show in 2012, where it won second prize. It will now be cared for at its new home thanks to a partnership between The Llandaff North Residents’ Association and Hawthorn Primary School.

The garden features a noticeboard, a seating area to rest and socialise, a paving area using Brett Alpha Antique Block Paving in Silver Haze and Charcoal for easy access and an array of plants creating beautiful colour and fragrance.

Broxton and Morruzi, a Brett Approved Installer based in Cardiff, set the garden up in its final site taking unused space and making it a focal point for the community to enjoy.

Andrew Gill from Brett Landscaping‘s Love Your Landscape programme explained: “Our community engagement initiatives work towards re-engaging communities with their open spaces. It is hoped that the ‘A Growing Community’ show garden will unite the older and younger generations by allowing them to work together for a good cause that will bring pleasure to the Llandaff North community for years to come.”

Stephanie Wilkins, of the Llandaff North Residents Association and designer of the award winning garden commented:  “I am very excited that the creation of the garden has allowed the Llandaff North Community to come together. They have begun working on the garden, which I designed in a way that would be easy for residents and school children to maintain, as well as providing colour and interest for everyone to enjoy as a community.”

Brett Community Garden