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Our Experience

We’ve had a strong presence on the island of Jersey for over 70 years - supplying the local construction market with hard stone, sand and gravel, and concrete. With a hardstone quarry, high capacity concrete batching plant and block making facility we have supplied some of the islands most prestigious projects

Some of the major projects we have worked on include a control tower for Jersey airport and over 500 cubic meters of concrete for the bunker slab at La Collette Energy from Waste facility, which is believed to be the largest single concrete pour on the Island. The facility will provide waste disposal for the Island for the next 25 years.

Concrete blocks and concrete pumping

Our concrete blocks comply to the highest standards of BSEN 771. These can be collected from our site or we can deliver directly to you. We also offer a concrete pumping service.

Who do we do it for?  

Our materials have been used in many high profile contracts such as the new Energy-from-Waste recycling plant and Jersey airport’s control tower project. And we although we get involved in many small projects, we can cope with large capacity demand if needed. For example, we supplied over 500m³ in just one day to the £106.3 million Energy-from-Waste programme. We’re proud of our well established and much-valued customer base - and they come in all sizes. Working with us for decades in some cases, we regard many of our customers as loyal friends - just like our 35 employees. 

Learn from our experience

Our state-of-the-art concrete plant has arrived in St Peter’s Valley. Here we are taking aggregate from source and in doing so, reducing the need for shovel and loading transportation. This is a fully computerised plant comprising a main loading tower with a 2m3 planetary mixer, two loading heads and a half wet facility. There is also a secondary loading head with a 0.5m3 mixer supplying wet mixed concrete for customers who prefer to collect from us.

Aggregates are held in 8 hoppers: 50t covered hoppers feed the main tower directly, while a further four 25t hoppers can feed either the main or secondary tower on a reversible weigh belt. At 55 metres long, our aggregate pre-feeding is more than capable of meeting loading needs as they speedily and efficiently convey to hoppers on the quarry floor.

Customers have been interested to discover that the component parts of our new plant had to be transported in 15 articulated lorries from the manufacturer in Turkey. This meant going across Europe to the UK, then by sea to Jersey. Once on the island, we got special permission to move the plant from the docks to the St Peter’s Valley quarry site. Vehicles were moved under police escort through the narrow island roads closed to other traffic at night.

The design of the new plant, with its three separate covered loading facilities, is enabling faster turnaround. This we've maximised with improvements in vehicle management, improving energy efficiency and by using recycled water in our processing.