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Brett is closely involved in supporting community projects wherever we can and Brett people show an enormous willingness to get involved.

We take very seriously our obligation to meet with community groups in proximity to our excavations not only on a regular basis whilst the site is operational but also as part of the consultation process prior to commencement of activity.

Our objectives and activities include:

  • Treating all of the people, communities and businesses that are involved in or affected by our activities with respect
  • Maintaining our sites in a way that protects the community from hazards or danger through fencing, security and awareness programmes
  • Working with local people to minimise inconvenience from vehicles, noise or dust
  • Welcoming and encouraging organised groups of children and young people to visit our sites and quarries as part of their school studies or for general interest
  • Delivering a considerable programme of community and employee sponsorship and charitable donation - focusing on issues that affect our community and neighbours – including donating construction materials, time and expertise as well as money.

Brett Landscaping and Building Products operates the Brett ‘Love Your Landscape’ initiative which works with community groups through the donation of building materials and other contributions to help make landscapes more enjoyable and more accessible for the public. Visit

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