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Brett Landscaping Provides Tailored Kerb Solutions For Tay Road Bridge

Opened in 1966, the Tay Road Bridge in Scotland is one of the longest bridges in Europe and enables the passage of over 26,000 vehicles per day between Fife and Dundee. Recently, the crossing has been undergoing refurbishment works aimed at addressing issues such as waterproofing, resurfacing, and the maintenance of bridge safety barriers.

Brett Landscaping has been supplying Trief Kerbs – a containment kerb designed to protect pedestrians and drivers by preventing errant vehicles from mounting the pavement – to the recent improvement works. In this case, the kerbs are being used at the base of the bridge’s safety barriers to ensure vehicles remained within the confines of the bridge in the event of an accident.

In addition to supplying Trief GST2 kerbs to the project, Brett Landscaping were involved early on in the refurbishment’s design process, working closely with project designers WSP to provide expertise in the supply of containment kerbs as well as advise on tailored kerb designs.


Liam Flavin, Senior Engineer at WSP said: “We chose Brett for their Containment Kerbs, which are independently impact tested, giving us confidence in their effectiveness. Their early involvement in the project was crucial for developing a solution that fit the restricted geometry and weight limits of the bridge.”

Brett Landscaping’s Trief Kerb units are made using a standard mould, however due to the loading restrictions of the bridge a bespoke kerb had to be developed using cutting equipment to reduce the kerb’s weight and size to meet project specification.


The team at Brett Landscaping also had to plan delivery routes to avoid any disruption to the site construction program as over 400 kerbs had to be delivered daily. Liam expands on this further, saying: “Regular communication with Brett Landscaping’s technical and production teams ensured timely availability of the bespoke kerbs, essential for meeting the tight construction program. This was vital as any delays would have extended the closure of lanes on the 2,250m long bridge.”

Jamie Gledhill, Regional Sales Engineer at Brett Landscaping, said: “Ensuring the kerbs were delivered on time and to specification was a great team effort, thanks to Chris Adcock, Simon Potter, Michael Elliot and Antonia Clarke at Brett Landscaping for their hard work throughout this project.”

Liam and everyone at WSP were open and collaborative from the very start, and Daniel Eccleston and the team at Swains Haulage were essential in getting all of the kerbs delivered to site ready for construction works to begin, it was a pleasure to work with everyone involved in this project.”