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Brett Aggregates Supplies Materials For New Bridge

Brett has been supplying building materials to infrastructure projects for many years, and we’re proud to have worked – and to keep working – on projects that stand to benefit the local communities.

Most recently, Brett Aggregates has supplied 59,000 tonnes of material for construction of the new Ash Road Bridge from their nearby Hithermoor site, of which 58,000 tonnes is recycled aggregates.

The new bridge aims to provide more efficient travel for road users as currently, traffic must pass through a level crossing which closes over 100 times a day causing traffic congestion and disruption to journeys. The new bridge will encourage traffic away from rural roads and remove the safety hazard posed by the present crossing.

Ash Road Bridge.jpg
The new Ash Road Bridge route in the early stages of construction

In addition to providing materials, Brett Aggregates has also removed some of the building materials from the site for use in the restoration of George Green, a quarrying site owned by Brett Aggregates.

Ayana Ollerhead, Sales Manager for West London, commented about some challenges of the project:

“The project has come with some challenges including strict testing schedules around standard testing, and additional leachate testing, which helps to ensure that all recycled materials are non-harmful.

Thanks to Scott Miller and the entire team for their hard work to get everything done on time and having it all run smoothly.”

Construction is expected to finish in 2025, and the level crossing will be closed to vehicle traffic once the bridge is open.