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We specialise in producing high performance, high specification concrete screeds for flooring applications for the construction industry.

We offer a range of solutions including traditional screeds, enhanced performance mixes and flowing screeds, to suit different requirements.

All our screeds are produced at quality assured plants and comply with the relevant British Standards.

Sand Cement Screed

Our ready-to-use sand cement screed is easy to use, requires minimum preparation and can be retarded to ensure 12-hour workability. It is also pumpable – which means that it doesn’t have to be carried between floors.

We can also provide specialist screeds to suit your requirements: 

Sand Cement Screed (ED)

Ready-to-use floor screed with high early strength/early drying.

Sand Cement Screed (Fibres)

Ready-to-use floor screed with polypropylene fibres for increased reinforcement.

Flowing Screed

Flowing Screed is a self-compacting, self-levelling floor screed ideal for use in non-wearing applications where an additional floor covering is to be applied. Click here to find out more.

For any enquiries regarding our floor screed range please contact our Sales Team on 01622 793800.

>Download Screed Safety Datasheet (PDF 55kb)

>Download a copy of our High Specification Flooring Screeds (PDF 93kb)

>Download a copy of our Flowing Screed Technical Guide (PDF 132kb)