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Recycled Pallets For Fishing Pontoons

Recycled timber racks from the Brett Group's Chipping Campden plant were recently given a new lease of life when they were turned into pontoons for the fishermen at Westbere Lakes, Sturry.

The racks, which started life as production boards on a semi automated machine, were used at Chipping Campden to hold wetcast concrete moulds. They are now providing the walks and fishing points at Westbere. Keith Gambrill, Assistant Manager at Mid Kent Fisheries says, "The pontoons have really made a difference to the site, providing easier and safer access to the lake and a more pleasant environment for the fishermen using the facilities."

Brett is continually looking for sustainable solutions to waste management and reusing resources to benefit the local area. Clive Sherliker, General Manager of Group Estates says, "This shows we are thinking outside the box when it comes to recycling. These racks would have been destined for landfill, but instead are being put to good use in a totally different environment".

More than 200 similar racks were also sold to a firm in South Africa for use as production boards in a wet cast concrete operation.


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