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High Rise Paving Solutions At Greenford Quay

Brett Landscaping has supplied its GeoCeramica® porcelain paving for the roof terraces and public spaces of a major new mixed-use development in London.

Greenford Quay is one of the UK’s largest ‘Build to Rent’ schemes with 1,965 new homes being built across seven main buildings within wide public realm spaces. The aim of the development is to create a vibrant mixed-use neighbourhood at the side of the historic Grand Union canal.

More than 1400m2 of GeoCeramica® has been installed across the communal areas of the £151 million Greenford Quay development, with 150m2 used to provide a highly aesthetic finish to the communal roof terrace on the tallest tower in the scheme. Project architect HTA Design required a high-quality paving system that would complement the curated gardens across the podium courtyards and upper terraces of the development, and a system that could meet the strict specification requirements for use on tall buildings.

Screenshot_2021-05-20 BRE-20-039 Greenford Quay Case Study_SP indd - Greenford-Quay-Case-Study pdf.png

The architect worked with the technical team at Brett Landscaping and chose to use the GeoCeramica® range of porcelain paving which is a hybrid porcelain and concrete paving flag tile with a pre-bonded cementitious water permeable drainage layer.

The range provides the look and finish of natural stone, while containing modern paving technology suited to the demands of the project. Brett Landscaping were able to demonstrate that not only would the GeoCeramica® Fiordi system provide a finish that met the aesthetic requirements of the upper terraces of the project, but that it could meet the loading requirements and ensure its suitability for the building’s design.

For the roof-top areas GeoCeramica® has been installed on a pedestal system. This is made possible due to the inherent dead weight of each hybrid flag tile and its individual strength characteristics. The product could meet the technical brief without compromising on the aesthetics offered.

Screenshot_2021-05-20 BRE-20-039 Greenford Quay Case Study_SP indd - Greenford-Quay-Case-Study pdf(1).png

The specification of GeoCeramica® provided HTA Design with assurance that the paving would prove durable in all weathers and conditions, at the top of the 14 storey Tillerman’s Court (Block 5) on the scheme. 

A further 1200m2 of the GeoCeramica® Impasto and Fiordi paving was supplied to provide footpaths and private terraces on the podium landscapes. These provide a high-end finish to the communal amenity gardens at first floor level.

Ian Hainsworth Senior Landscape Architect at HTA Design commented, “Working with Brett allowed us to choose a paving system that met the high aesthetic requirements of this landmark luxury development, without compromising on the structural durability, reliability and quality of the installed system. As former industrial estates are reclaimed and converted to modern living developments, there is a need for architects to design public realms that can offer residents a real sense of wide-open space. Greenford Quay is a landmark example of how new community neighbourhoods can be created through careful use of design and high-quality building materials.”

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