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First Batch of Earth Friendly Concrete Supplied in Kent

Brett Concrete completed the first supply of Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC) in Kent for the Sea Defence Scheme at Lydd Ranges. EFC is an innovative alternative to traditional concrete and can help save around 180kg of Co2 per cubic metre when compared to standard concrete mixes.

The material, supplied from Brett Concrete’s Ashford plant, was used for a permanent access road which will allow equipment and machinery better access to the Sea Defence Scheme’s beach replenishment project.

Brett has been supplying aggregate material to the Environment Agency’s Sea Defence Scheme at Lydd for over 20 years - which aims to protect the south-east coastline, helping to reduce the risk of coastal flooding and better protect the environmentally important area of the Romney Marshes, which is home to over 14,000 residents as well as rare species of plants and animals.

EFC was chosen for the project as it achieves a higher strength with an ultra-low carbon footprint when compared to other concrete mixes, meeting requirements set out by the Environment Agency. It also has the additional technical benefit of lower shrinkage, allowing for less material to be used.

In addition to Lydd Ranges, EFC has also gained success in London, with Capital Concrete supplying the material for projects such as the Nova East Development near Victoria Station, HS2’s Euston Station and Plaistow Wharf on the Thames.

If you wish to find out more about Earth Friendly Concrete, please call the Brett Concrete Team on 01622 793 800.