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Capital Concrete Supplies HS2 With UKs Largest EFC Pour

Capital Concrete has supplied HS2 with 296m3 of Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC) in the largest ever pour of EFC carried out in the UK to date.

HS2 is a project to deliver a new high-speed rail line between the Northwest of England and the Southeast, connecting major cities like Manchester, Birmingham and London.  With the focus increasing on Co2 reduction and the use of more sustainable products there has been an increase in demand to find more innovative ways to use sustainable materials in projects like this.

In early September 2022, Capital Concrete supplied construction company John F Hunt with 296m3 of Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC) for a foundation slab at Euston station.  EFC uses recycled construction material and fly ash – a waste product typically produced by power stations, to offer a reduction of over 70% in Co2 emissions when compared to traditional concrete, which helps reduce the overall carbon footprint.


Martin Needham, John F Hunt’s Senior Project Manager said’ “Our ambition is to reduce carbon emissions during construction at every possible opportunity. The pour to create the temporary slab at Euston was the perfect opportunity to utilise the cement free, Earth Friendly Concrete. 


 “We chose to use EFC, not only for its saving in embodied carbon, but also for its excellent characteristics. It has an increased tensile strength, enabling thinner slab designs and therefore a reduction in overall volume of both concrete and reinforcement.” 

Jack Sindhu, Technical Manager, Capital Concrete commented, “Capital Concrete are delighted to have been involved in this project to help both John F Hunt and HS2 drive down the carbon footprint of UK construction through use of our new generation, geopolymer, Earth Friendly Concrete

“As a result of cross-party collaboration, early engagement, dedicated plant and truck management and full technical cover, this largest single pour of EFC was delivered successfully at HS2’s Euston site.”

If you would like to find out more about EFC click here, alternatively if you’d like to speak to one of our team about your project requirements, please call 020 3974 0520