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Brett Zeta Lock Paving Provides Durable Space For Deep Sea Port

Brett Landscaping have finished delivering another large supply of block paving to London Gateway, supplying almost 60,000m2 for the far-reaching container port.

London Gateway is a globally connected deep sea port and logistics hub located in Essex, north of Brett Landscaping and Building Products’ Cliffe site. To function productively and safely, the port is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and modern services. This includes automated stacking cranes and handling processes, which help accelerate turnaround times and remove people from dangerous areas.        

With substantial space allocated for shipping containers and their transportation, a hard wearing surface is important for the port’s operations. Paul Harvey, Commercial Sales Manager for Brett Landscaping, explains why Zeta Lock has been specified by engineers for London Gateway, and other projects requiring durable space.

London Gateway Zeta Lock.JPG

Zeta Lock’s 16 sided design provides greater interlock for maximum rigidity

“We have been delivering our Zeta Lock product to Colchester based Tolly Paving Ltd. since July last year, with the last supply having now been delivered,” says Paul. “The specialist paving product has been used to cover part of the inner port, which is used for shipping containers. Compared to rectangular block paving, Zeta Lock’s 16 sided design provides greater interlock for maximum rigidity, and is therefore able to handle the port’s heavy commercial activity.

“We have built a good relationship with Tolly Paving Ltd. over the years, which has included delivering 24,000m2 of Zeta Lock for their paving project at Great Yarmouth Port. It also helps that Landscaping’s site at Cliffe is well positioned to supply the London Gateway project, with links to the A13 and M25 making it accessible via lorry delivery.”

Managing Director of Tolly Paving Ltd., Mark Pointer, said: “It’s crucial to work alongside a trusted supplier when working on a job of this scale, and Zeta Lock paving has been specified on all our previous projects at London Gateway. Together with Brett Landscaping, we are able to provide a quality supply and installation that is tailored specifically to this project, delivering time and time again.”

Brett Landscaping is to supply more Zeta Lock to London Gateway as part of a second phase of operations, providing the port with further hard wearing space for its containers and heavy vehicle movement.