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Brett Landscaping Maintains First Class Service Through The Pandemic

Offering the highest levels of customer service is something that Brett Landscaping and Building Products works very hard at – and a global pandemic wasn’t about to change that!

“From the moment we knew the first lockdown was coming into force in March 2020 we started looking into ways to maintain the high levels of customer service we’re known for,” said Jo Taylor, Senior Systems & Customer Operations Manager for Brett Landscaping and Building Products.

The ability to handle enquiries remotely soon became critical as there was a temporary shut-down of Brett  landscaping’s product manufacturing sites at Barrow upon Soar (Leicestershire), Cliffe (Kent), Pocklington (North Yorkshire) and Poole (Dorset).

“With excellent support from the Brett IT department we were able to equip our people with the technology to support customers whilst working from home. As well as continuing to handle enquiries, pricing contracts, processing orders and shipping products out, we also had extra negotiations with customer sites, from returned deliveries to credit queries and a whole range of other enquiries. It was a big challenge to get everything set up but the transition was designed to be seamless for customers.”

Brett Barrow team montage.jpg

The home-working technology allowed Jo to stay in touch with how the dispersed sales team was coping, how many calls were coming in, who was available to pick-up, and so on. It wasn’t long before lockdown restrictions started to ease and orders sky-rocketed, especially through the Brett end of line And with face-to-face customer site visits out of the question, the team provided online advice and assistance on an even wider range of landscaping queries.

Fortunately, the implementation of extensive measures at the four production sites to ensure social distancing, high levels of hygiene and regular testing meant production could resume safely. So for the remainder of 2020 Brett Landscaping continued to be busy with up to half the sales team working from home at any one time whilst the rest returned to a socially-distanced office environment on a rotation basis.

“I’m extremely proud of how the team at Barrow – and across the whole business – have responded and interacted with each other to ensure the best possible service,” said Jo. “This whole period has not been easy for anyone, and it’s a testament to the strength, spirit and sheer hard work of the team that they have stuck together and helped each other through it.”

“We now know that remote working is something that we can do successfully if we need to in the future whilst still maintaining excellent customer service, but in truth we can’t wait to get back together again – one team under one roof!”

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